Planning Commission

What is a Planning Commission?

Along with the other appointed and elected municipal officials in the community, members of a planning commission accept responsibility to protect the personality and vitality of the community. To carry out their duties, these volunteers must digest a mountain of information and negotiate a maze of delicate situations. These include leadership and direction with the City's Master Plan, Zoning Reccomendations, Future Land Use, etc. 

Planning Commission Community Role

Planning commissioners wear many hats from mediator, interpreter, visionary, researcher or teacher, to community builder. Early in the history of zoning, it was recognized that when reviewing zoning and land use matters, elected officials needed input from a group of individuals who were not affected by political concerns. Having a group of interested volunteers judge land use decisions for the community was intended to allow a wide range of views to be fairly represented. Elected officials are representatives for the people in the community. As such, they are accountable to the voters. As a planning commissioner, on the other hand, you are a representative of the people. This means that the members of the commission represent the various interests found in the community, such as professionals, business owners and homemakers. In theory, this allows a planning commissioner to act without the political considerations that influence elected officials.

Planning Commissioners

  • James Tyler
  • Travis McKinney
  • Mike Noack
  • Stephen McGuffey
  • Zack Smith 
  • George Watkins