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HYDRANT FLUSHING NOTICE. The City of Watervliet Public Works Dept. will be flushing hydrants on May 6th - 8th. South of the railroad tracks will be May 6th and 7th. North of the railroad tracks will be May 8th.

CITY WIDE RUMMAGE SALE will be May 14th, 15th and 16th. No rummage sale permit needed during these 3 days only.

SPRING CLEAN-UP DATES AND REGULATIONS: Spring curb side pick-up will be as follows: Curbside pick-up for South of the railroad tracks will be May 18th and 19th only. Pick-up for North of the railroad tracks will be May 20th and 21st only. Any allowable items you wish to have picked up must be out at the curb by 7:00am on the first scheduled day for your area. Public Works Department employees will make one round to pick up items. PWD will not make any extra trips to pick items up if you have missed the pick up.

ITEMS THAT WILL NOT BE PICKED UP ARE AS FOLLOWS: Yard waste, including brush, tree limbs, grass clippings and leaves. No household bagged garbage, no tires, no chemicals, including motor oil. No appliances containing or that have contained freon (refrigerator and air conditioner coolant). No loose broken glass. (If you have old windows or large pieces of glass to be disposed of, please put them in a box or other container to prevent broken glass fragments from being left for PWD to sweep up)

SPACE/SIZE LIMITATIONS: The Spring Clean Up is provided as a courtesy for the taxpayers of the City of Watervliet ONLY. Please do not allow anyone to bring items from outside the city to your property for the pick up. Please also note that each property will be allowed to fill up a space of 6ft. long, 4 ft. deep and 3 ft. high. (The City of Watervliet and its Department of Public Works reserves the right to refuse to pick up any items that it may deem hazardous or out of the scope of what is allowed)

      WATER BILL PAYMENTS ARE DUE BY 5:00PM ON APRIL 27, 2015 TO AVOID A PENALTY. You may have noticed a slight increase in your most recent water/sewer bill. The slight increase is due to the number of days in this billing period. Meters were read for the PREVIOUS billing period earlier than usual which caused the current billing cycle to include more days.



      If your bill is not paid by 5:00pm Mon. - Fri. (close of business) PRIOR to the SHUTOFF date, your account will be assessed the $25.00 turn on fee. To be clear, the turn on fee will be applied to your account even if PWD has not reached your property yet to turn the water off. This is to ensure fairness to everyone whose payment is not received by the deadline and to prevent only charging the fee to the homes that happen to be first on the list when the shutoffs begin. If your water service is shut off, it will only be turned back on once the bill has been paid IN FULL. Payment in full needs to be paid by 3:00 pm to ensure your water service is turned back on the same day. Once the bill has been paid, the water service will be restored by the end of the business day. Requests for water turn on after 5:00 pm will be subject to personnel availability as well as an ADDITIONAL        $40.00 (after hour) turn on fee.

       Any payments dropped in the night drop box after 8:30 am will be credited to your account the next business day.

      WE HAVE BEGUN INTRODUCING CHLORINE INTO OUR WATER SYSTEM. YOU MAY NOTICE A SLIGHT ODOR OF CHLORINE AND/OR SULFUR FOR A PERIOD OF TIME. THIS IS NORMAL AND TO BE EXPECTED. Please know that the chlorine levels are being monitored and tested daily to ensure safe levels are maintained.

      Due to changes in the law in the State of Michigan, the City is no longer able to accept yard waste such as brush, limbs and leaves at our Public Works Garage. Changes in the law prohibit us from burning the brush and limbs brought to that site from elsewhere. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience and ask that you do not dump anything at the garage. Thank you.

      City Reference Information

      Office Hours are now 8:30 - 5:00 Monday-Friday. (except on holidays)

      The skate park is closed for repairs.

      Master Fee Schedule

      City Charter & Code of Ordinances: Click HERE to view



Click HERE (requires Internet Explorer only) if you know your water bill or your property tax bill amount.


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