City Manager Tyler Dotson To Resign at End of Month

R. Tyler Dotson

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: January 4, 2023. City Manager R. Tyler Dotson has formally submitted his letter of resignation to the City Commission effective January 31, 2023.


CONTACT: Tyler Dotson, City Manager

                                January 4, 2023

Watervliet City Manager to Step Down Effective January 31, 2023

City Leadership Working to Fill Role on Short and Long-Term Basis

Watervliet, MI – After 4.5 years as the Watervliet City Manager, R. Tyler Dotson will step down at the end of this month to take the same role with the City of Hudsonville, MI. Dotson was hired by the City Commission in June of 2018 and has overseen the day to day of operations of the City since that time. The City’s current ordinance pertaining to the City Manager was approved in April of 2011 and sets forth the terms and conditions of the position and duties. Per the Watervliet Code of Ordinances, “the city manager shall be the administrative officer of the city and shall be responsible to the city commission for the efficient administration of all affairs of the city and shall exercise management supervision over all departments and over all public property belonging to the city.”

Dotson informed the City Commission of his pending departure in mid-December, however, his formal resignation was submitted on January 2, 2023. When asked to comment on Dotson’s resignation, Mayor Deah Muth stated, “Tyler has really made a positive impact on our community and has worked with the City Commission and staff to move the city in the right direction. Together we’ve accomplished a lot in his time here. While he will be missed, I know that the Commission and City staff will step up to ensure we don’t miss a beat and continue on the progress we’ve made over the course of his time here.”

The City Commission will meet on January 10, 2023 at 6pm to discuss the next steps in regards to the future of the office of City Manager. When asked what he has been most proud of during him time with the City, Dotson stated that “amongst the projects, grants, and improvements within the City, bringing together the staff, commission, and members of the community to work together is his proudest accomplishment.”